Our Story

Eco-social Farm is a project that aim to increase social inclusion and provide space for social economic integration for people with low contracting capacities. It is providing services, space and activities in the nature for children, youth and families.

“Eco-social Farm” project is supported by EMBRACE project, implemented by Partners Albania for change and development and Project Ahead. EMBRACE project is financed by European Union, European Union delegation in Albania.

This project was initially supported on the past by RDP, ACLI - IPSIA, Shkoder Region, Kiwanis Albanian Aid and now is supported by Partners Albania and Norwegian Aid and private funding.

The farm is located 7 km away from center of Shkoder municipality. Its location allow people to hike on hills, hike in Tarabosh mountain and enjoy the beautiful and unique natural amphitheater "Ana e Malit". It close to Rozafa castle, Shkodra Lake, rivers of Buna and Drini, Shega agro - tourism and other touristic attractions of north Albania.